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About Us

Have you ever had a friend or family member ask your opinion about what kinds of food you like? Or the places you shop? Or perhaps why you feel so strongly about certain issues such as politics or education?

At Access Insights, companies ask us to gather your opinions for different types of subjects, like those mentioned above, and many others. And guess what? Unlike your friends and family, we pay you for your opinions!

People join us from all over the United States to participate in studies that might be in-person discussion groups, or possibly online interviews. Sometimes our research will be "question and answer" surveys, be it in person, online, or in your home. Research studies can take all forms of shapes and sizes, so we know there's something for everyone!

When you join our database, you will be asked simple questions about yourself and your lifestyle. Once you have joined, you will begin to receive opportunities through email and phone calls to give your thoughts on new products and yes, get paid in cash or check after you complete a study.  It really is that simple. No gimmicks, no catch.

Join in with many others in our community and start getting paid for your opinions!

Bill of Rights

"We care about your privacy, and you should too.
Take a look at these points provided by the Market Research Association
that we promise to uphold to maintain the utmost security for you
and the information you share with us."

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Thank you for your interest! At Access Insights, Your opinions are highly valued.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our next research project.